Mobile Network Legal Compliance project


Mobile Network Operators have to master many operational processes, in particular

  • roll-out of new mobile sites, often with a mix of radio technologies
  • optimization and tuning of the radio network.

That means constant change of a complex network consisting of ten thousands or even hundred thousands of antennas.

At the same time, the operator must take meticulously care to stay within legal bounds and site specific licenses with a plethora of parameters. The non-compliance of radio beams due to power or geographic misconfigurations (direction, tilt, polarization) may result in substantial fines.

The authorities request periodical reporting about active sites and their compliance.

Up to date information from various operator domains site management, backbone network and radio management must be collected and compliance statements must be computed so that these legal reports can be provided.


Due to the interdiciplinary nature of the problem, no "right-sized" off-the-shelf product was found on the market.

Based on customers database of choice, a customised integration system that supports the modular collection, mediation and computation of required data for internal and legal reporting was created. Upon detection of issues in the network, the responsible operator staff receives trouble tickets within minutes.

Further features:

  • Time machine, historization of data
  • Source failure resilience
  • Lawful Interception integration
  • Assurance integration
  • Internal reporting functions

Our contribution

  • Design of operational and technical solution
  • Software implementation and turn key delivery of platform and configuration
  • Operational support

Customer benefits

  • exceptionally low Operation Expenses for the system. The process is fully automated and requires a minimum amount of staff for supervision
  • the operational business can be adapted at run time by operator without software engineering
  • full transparency and control of data flow internally and externally

The solution has demonstrated exceptional stability for more than a dozen years by now.