Field Staff Support System project


The Field Staff of Mobile Network Operators have to travel a lot to maintain their urban and rural sites. On site, they need access to all kind of information, which is easily available in the backoffice. But typically not so easily reachable out in the fields. The involvement of partner companies introduces a further challenge; the access to information may need to be controlled by region or role. Gathering the information from many systems in a remote location by Field Staff is also increasing training costs.

Updating site information in back office systems requires a post-visit session, i.e. the upload of site pictures for documentation. This may be error prone if many sites are visited during a day.

Site operations often require the synchronization of Field Staff and Backoffice Staff, which again requires upfront planning and overhead.


Together with the customer we designed a mobile application, that provides access to the relevant, concentrated data through a simple tablet or phone. It omits the need to carry laptops and remote access keys and saves the staff from working across shaky remote connections. With a few clicks, Field Staff retrieves access information, radio configurations, network information and up to date status information on their own mobile phone.

Further features:

  • "here and now" update of site information. Field Staff can document the current status directly on site.
  • on site change of radio configuration allows a quick "tune-measure-correct" loop

Our contribution

  • Design of operational and technical solution
  • Software implementation and turn key delivery of platform and configuration
  • Operational support

Customer benefits

  • Improved data quality increases service quality and reduces costs for corrective measures.
  • Massive reduction of site visit preparation time and cost
  • Print-out of site information is obsoleted
  • Route of the day can be adapted flexible as all information is available anywhere.
  • Empowerment of Field Staff offloads Backoffice specialists from tedious handover tasks.