Customised Order Management System project


To cover the costs of a full-fledged fulfillment stack, you need to reach the critical mass of customers. If that is impossible due to limitations in initial market coverage, you can also reduce the cost of your stack.

Order Management Systems have an "Octopus nature", typically connecting to several northbound and southbound systems. These integrations are often costly due to complex interfaces.


Based on open source components, Pragmaxus AG designed an Order Manager tailored to a customer by size and capability. Having the knowledge of product and service modelling, as well of the key requirements for an order system, we could carve out the exact features needed for the customer situation.

It got the job well done at a fraction of the initially estimated costs.

Further features:

  • Integration with VoIP provisioning systems and Number Portability systems
  • Legal reporting reporting to Authorities and Directory systems
  • Multitenancy support
  • Installed Base (commercial inventory)
  • Resilient process control

Our contribution

  • design of operational and technical solution
  • Software implementation and turn key delivery of platform and configuration
  • Operational support

Customer benefits

  • minimal CAPEX investment compared to an oversized off-the-shelf product.
  • extremely short time to market
  • "invest as you grow"
  • full code ownership and control.