Quality Assurance in global projects


While development service vendors often emphasise their skills and know-how about tools and technologies, most of them very rarely have know-how about the Telecom Operator, their services and networks and related OSS landscapes.

Misunderstandings and false expectations are easy to happen.


Pragmaxus AG offers consulting services to bridge the gap between Telecommunication experts and Software professionals. The basis for quality and project success is laid in the specification phase.

Our consultants are experienced Telecommunication experts, speak the software engineering lingo and master different project methodologies.

Our contribution

  • Coaching your teams in requirement gathering, specification
  • Supporting you in RFP and RFQ phases
  • Quality Assurance of deliverables
  • Dozens of years of telecom project experience

Customer benefits

  • Customer can focus on the really important aspects of the project and does not have to handle the "software details"
  • Early mitigation of project risks due to experience
  • Clear expectations and deliveries