Reduce to the Max!

Initial Situation

The assurance RFP had shaped a "can do everything" Assurance Platform and the market had responded with double digit million projects. As the end-customer base size could not justify such investments, solutions where scoped down to financially reasonable size, but to the dissatisfaction of both operator and vendors.

And almost a year into project, time had started running out, since end-customers of the provider had been sold assurance features to come shortly. The project came to a halt.


Pragmaxus proposed an intermediate solution based on opensource components, that delivered 80% of initial requirements, but 100% of core requirements, at 5% cost of the initial proposal by a big vendor.

The solution had to feature

  • assurance data collection from backbone and network edge routers
  • integration of network and service inventory to calculate service performance
  • individual report generation for business customers
  • End-customer assurance portal.

By offering this option, the operator could satisfy end-customer needs in time and gain the time to reconsider his system life cycles without burning the budget. Needless to say, that the solution stayed in operation many years longer than initially planned.

Our contribution

  • Analysed requirements and refocused on core needs
  • Designed and implemented end-customer assurance portal, network monitoring solution and database backend
  • Delivered turnkey solution within 3 months time

Customer benefits

  • Enjoyed satisfied end-customers
  • Completed project in time, budget and quality